Mo & Guests with Karaoke.


Mo, a young local aspiring artist, will take you on a personal musical journey. “For one night, and one night only, (cause that’s all we got breath for…)”, the stage will be a melting pot of songs from Broadway musicals (new and old), mixed with Pop & Folk, sprinkled with a bit of Rock. As the lights dim and music begins, Mo, with guests and the wonderful guitarists Daniel and Diego, will treat you to a night of Broadway magic and beyond. Do you have a secret dream to become a star for a night, or more? Of getting into musicals, but never found a way of doing it? The concert will be followed by live Karaoke, when the stage and the limelight will be yours.


Rue de Lausanne 80
1202 Genève

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ven. 9 févr. 2024 (19:00)




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