Morning Activity in Kawasaki(ダンスで朝活in川崎)

dim. 1 septembre à 02:10

Fuseau horaire : Paris (GMT+02:00)

Yakochiku Center

※日本語サイトは以下から詳細をご確認お願いします。 Nice to meet you! Thank you for watching!

As a result of spending time at home on holidays, isn't it night?

I also like to spend a relaxing time on holidays, but while I was watching TV routine, when I realized I came to the evening and had many experiences of being depressed. ... such a person must see! Do you not have a pleasant afternoon after refreshing exercise with us in the morning? Since I started this community, I have escaped from the tedious routine! I hope you all have the same experience! -------------Overview-------------

I am a dancer while working in an IT company, my name is Shiracchi.

Twice a month I rent a room in Kawasaki, Yokohama and dance lessons. It is recommended for such a person! ・ If you want to move your body comfortably from holiday morning ・ If you wanted to dance, but you could not get started ・ If you want to challenge new things ・ If you like to move your body ・ If you want to expand the dance community ・ If you want to learn dance with your children Please feel free to contact us as it is OK just looking! Let's sweat together comfortably! -------------It is the first time to get up in the morning life and dance, or if you are uneasy------------- More than half of the participants are new to dance! In addition, as for the morning life itself, almost all are just new ones! As we take a lot of communication time to be able to get along with everyone who participates, we have a good time to get along well with not only dance but also everyone! ※ Everyone who participates in the first time will participate alone. If you have any trouble joining or feel free to ask me any questions! -------------Impressions of people who participated------------- We have received a number of voices that have been enjoying morning sun, and have spent Sunday well! For example ... ・ Because I moved my body in the morning, my head was clean and I was able to make many action plans in the afternoon! ・ We were able to review one's own lifestyle by communicating with all the participants! ・I was able to improve the day-night reversal holiday spending! And so on. ※ Thanks to all of you who participated in the event you can repeat almost -------------Venue------------- Yako-Chiku center ※ It is about 3 minutes on foot from JR Yako Station! -------------Time schedule------------- 9:10 Meeting place, change of clothes 9:20 Please introduce yourself by each participant. 9:25 Stretch and do yoga while talking. 9:45 I will do rhythm training. 10:00 I will teach you choreography. 11:00 Finish. If you have time, let's talk! -------------Things to prepare ------------- • clothing suitable for exercise • Easy-to-move shoes (outdoor shoes are also acceptable) •drink • Towel etc -------------About the genre of dance------------- Mainly, we teach hiphop, house, waack, soul etc. Even those who do not know the genre can enjoy it by teaching from the basicsPlease feel free to come and see me! -------------Participation on the day, cancellation is OK!------------- I think that I can not get up because it is 9 o'clock, and I can not move because the body is heavy.

On the other hand, I think that some people may try to participate because they got up early unexpectedly.

Join and cancel on the day, so feel free to join us!

(I think that everyone in the morning is the same, so it's okay to cancel it without overdoing it when it is hard.)


The organizers (Shirachi, Mikko) are from the street dance circle of the same university,It is a working adult dancer who is still performing shows in Roppongi Club.

We teach dance in a program that everyone can enjoy, so feel free to join us!

-------------Entry fee-------------

The participation fee is 500 yen / time including the venue fee.

If you would like to participate with your children, it is OK only with the participation fee of your parents!


Yakochiku Center

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