React Basics Workshop

lun. 19 août à 12:00

Fuseau horaire : Paris (GMT+02:00)

Pa-o Gotanda

Learn the basics of React in a small group setting. ・ Limited to 8 places, so get in early!

・ Location is 3 minutes from Gotanda station (on the Yamanote line)

・ Includes printed cheatsheet and course material via Frontend Armory

・ 当日日英で質問を受け付けます (You can ask questions in both English and Japanese)

・ Tickets are 8000 yen per person 🌐 What you'll learn ・ What are elements, props, components and state?

・ What is JSX and how does it work?

・ Why use Create React App?

・ Basics of useState() 🧠 Who is the workshop for? ・ You know HTML, JavaScript and CSS

・ You have experience with a framework like Angular or Vue

・ And now you want to learn the basics of React

・ You can understand written English

・ You know command line basics like cd and ls 👨‍💻 About the instructor Hi! My names is James, and I'll be your instructor for this workshop. I've been building things with React for 5 years and JavaScript for 20, and now I want to share some of what I've learned along the way. 🎒 What to bring ・ Yourself.

・ Your laptop, with your favorite text editor.

・ You'll need a recent version of Node JS installed. You can install this from


Pa-o Gotanda

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