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"Cosmic Goddess Healing Circles" are not simply healing Circles, they are more an opportunity for energy frequency re-tune using the sacred fire of the Goddess, creating a mandala of energetic being. I call them "cosmic" because these meetings are going to be online, free and open to everybody.

Yes, online. We are going to meet every week on Thursday evening.

A typical session is about 45 to 60 minutes long. We will start by welcoming each other, then tuning-in by using a very powerful grounding meditation technique to not only recenter ourselves but to clean our energy field from cluttered energy accumulated during the day. Each Session will be inspired by a Goddess/Flame (Sacred Fire), we'll invoke the Goddess/Flame to re-tune our frequency to a higher vibration level, which will help us to work on transforming those beliefs system that restrains our reality from changing into what we want it to be.

Each session will end with a blessing prayer to enhance the flame of the Sacred Fire of the Goddess into our lives. It is important for each participant to understand that these events are more than just online meetings. This circles will be bringing forward the sacred fires of life. These fires are necessary to heal inspire and bring hope to our world with peace. There is no way to access these flames without training and the understanding of how to enter the goddess temples to receive the initiation of the lights. When in ceremony we will be lightning these fires for the world and for your life. All aspects will be inspired to love more than hate, light life more than death, and bring peace to those that allow themselves to receive it. This is an open circle to honor and support your divine incarnation, I'm here to honor your presence on this planet and your important contribution as co-creator of our common reality.

Everybody is welcome to join the circle; however, whoever joins must honor the rules to keep a healthy and safe space for communal growth, healing, where we can share and support each other. This is a safe space, free of judgment. Sharing will be limited to your own personal experience whatever that is. This means that nobody will be telling others what to do, or how they should fix their issue or their lives. Only words of encouragement based on your experience and will be used to support whatever your thoughts are regarding a specific problem. No politics, religious or heavily opinionated discussions will be allowed. We are here to give space to each other to speak out and share what's in our hearts. Dharma Devi will hold the space and will guide the circles. She will make sure that these weekly events will remain a space for joyful support and reciprocal respect.

Anyone who violates this sacred space will be asked to leave the circle. 🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺 Each class will have a specific topic to work on, and it will include the following practical techniques:

  • Self-Healing techniques;

  • Aura Clearing Techniques;

  • Cutting cords Techniques;

  • Healing Meditation Dharma Devi will be sharing handy tools that you can use at home when you feel the need.

For the benefit of all these series of meditations are done seating in a circle to create an active group healing energy.

After our practice we can all share some cookies and tea to get to know each and connect, it is good to share some snack after such a method to either connect with other individuals or to come back present if you feel a bit ungrounded. Cost: Free

Where: Online

You must sign up on Eventbrite first and provide a valid e-mail to which we can send you the​ link to join on zoom. The link is sent by e-mail one day before the event by [masked]

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NJ Acupuncture Massage and Fertility

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