Sundays! Sunset Rooftop Yoga

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55 Water Street
New York
New York

Chaque semaine les dimanche jusqu'au 15 septembre 2019

Join this pumped up breath to movement class that incorporates light dumbbells (optional) with yoga and cardio to an upbeat playlist! The sun goes down, star pose comes out. And all that counts is here and now... Wise words by The Wanted Run Time: 70 Min.

To Bring:

Yoga Mat

Water Bottle

Towel *optional

Light Dumbbells <5 lbs *optional

Mental presence (yoga will give you the rest- flexibility, strength, stamina,...)

As many friends as you want *optional If you have any preexisting conditions (pregnancy, knee replacements,...) - bring it to my attention before class. Your safety and well being is my priority! Some Yoga Etiquette to be Aware Of:

Don't eat >2 hours prior

Arrive 5-10 Minutes Early

Silence Your Cell Phone. (Option to hide it in your bag)

Remove Your Shoes. (Option to keep your socks on)

Skip Savasana

Respect the Space.


55 Water Street
New York

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