Jazz Age Interactive Murder Mystery Party: Everyone Is A Suspect! *PRE-PAY

dim. 8 septembre à 01:30

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The World Bar
New York
New York

PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS A PRE-PAY ONLY EVENT Please read carefully: This event is being hosted by Dave Cervini's newyorksocialnetwork.com ( http://www.newyorksocialnetwork.com/ ) and several of their partner Meet Up groups. The number of people you see registered on your Meet Up represent only a portion of those actually attending. If you have any questions or want to know how many are attending from all groups please contact the event host at [masked] COST: $20.00 PRE-PAY BY CLICKING ON THE LINK BELOW:

https://www.newyorksocialnetwork.com/events/?ee=3894 MUST PRE-PAY!!! IF YOU ONLY SIGN UP HERE, THIS DOES NOT RESERVE YOUR SPOT/HOLD YOUR TICKET. YOU MUST CLICK ON THE LINK TO PRE-PAY Our Murder Mystery Parties have become an awesome alternative to the usual bar scene.  It is a great way to go out on your own with friends or on your own and meet other fun people in a super organized and interesting way!  This week we present our newest mystery;  Jazz Age Jeopardy where in a swanky NYC Nightclub during prohibition a grizzly murder takes place and everyone is a suspect!  No expertise is necessary just your love of having fun! What to expect:

Register below and join us at The World Bar at 7pm that night. Our NYSN staff will be on hand to welcome you, introduce you to others and explain how the night works.

Everyone will be given a character sheet explaining who they are and who they fit into the story.

Your Jazz Host will guide you through the story and help you interact with the others at the event to help you solve the murder. Throughout the night different things will be revealed to help you reach your goal.

Light appetizers will be served.

Drink specials until 9pm If you want to get into character feel free to dress your gangster/flapper best** The Theme:

During a night of Prohibition-era revelry, something goes terribly wrong. Backstory

The guests are a mixed group of club staff members, entertainers, and guests at a private party held at a jazz club in 1920s New York City. It is the height of the Jazz Age, and social revolution is afoot. This is the age of Prohibition—and of bootleggers and gangsters. Club owner Felix Fontano, the son of a successful bootlegger and crime boss—and a successful businessman himself—is throwing this private party for a group of select friends. It is a night of revelry like many other nights of revelry enjoyed by this group of sophisticates, artists, and hoodlums . . . until things go horribly wrong.

This mystery is divided into two primary segments.  During the first portion of the evening (Act One), the partygoers will have the opportunity to eat, drink, dance, and mingle, while enjoying the swanky atmosphere and smooth jazz of Fontano’s club, The Cat’s Meow. The Murder!

At the midpoint of the evening, one of the players makes a terrible discovery: someone has been murdered in the back supply room of the club! Solving the Mystery

Act Two will begin with the grisly discovery of the victim’s bloody body. In the area around the body, there are signs of the struggle that occurred prior to the death. It will now be up to the guests to figure out what happened.

The guests quickly decide that the best course of action is not to call the police, but rather to conduct an investigation amongst themselves; at this point, all the guests are suspects; a formal police investigation would dredge up unsavory details of their pasts and expose them to public scandal and unwanted personal repercussions, not to mention the serious and immediate legal repercussions of being caught in a bootlegging establishment! FOR FULL EVENT DETAILS AND TO PRE-PAY, CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW:


Source: https://www.meetup.com/fr-FR/NewYorkersinNYC/events/263916409/

The World Bar
New York

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