Sunday Morning Intermediate Advance Tennis

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Frelinghuysen Middle School

Chaque semaine le dimanche


For one time visit, please hand in $1 to the organizer to help cover meetup running costs. For 3 visits, please hand in $5 (I will mark you as paid in the meetup ) to the organizer to help cover meetup running costs. For our core players (3 plus visits), please hand in $20 one time fee (I will mark you as paid in the meetup ) to help cover meetup running costs. **

Sunday morning Tennis . This meetup is for Levels 3.5 and above. Thanks Format: We play doubles and/or singles games with an interesting format: * Warm-up: We begin our game by warming up through knocking some balls. This also fill the waiting time nicely for others who for some reason are running behind. Suggested time is around 15-30 minutes, with 2 minutes for serves practice.

  • Teaming/Pairing: Players can pick their partners for the day. Ladies get a chance to make their choices first. Attempt is made to have balanced teams to have a good engaging tennis game.

  • Game

  • We play 1 set and follow the standard rules of tennis.

  • For first set "First-Ball-In (FBI)" so this ensures that at least you get your first serve in as courtesy by taking maximum 10 chances. It is only for the first set of the day. Subsequent sets start without any practice serves or first-ball-in.

  • Sides are rotated on every odd number of games such as 1, 3, 5 etc.

  • In case of 6-6, the set is settled through tie-break.

  • The scores are to be spoken out loud by the server after every point, so that there is no confusion or conflict during or at the end of the game.

  • If the court has counter to keep the set-score, it must be updated so that other players get to know the score to coordinate the switching smoothly.

  • After Set:

  • The winner pair stays together and they move "up" to play against the winners of next court. Move "up" means towards the higher ratings and move "down" means towards lower ratings.

  • The loosing pair moves "down" and splits to form new team, hoping to find the winning combination.

  • Ultimately there is one pair who stands out as the "Champs of the day" if no more challenger pair left. That is the official ending of the tennis day, though players can stay longer to play more among themselves. * Social: Depending on the mood and liking of the group, we can go out to eat, drink, and chit-chat somewhere close-by after the game. Miscellaneous other stuff:

  • Please bring a can of new / practice balls to play on hard courts.

  • Players get tips by other players if they are open to improve their games. There is a healthy friendly environment and nobody should feel offended.


Frelinghuysen Middle School

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