Special Sessions starts from 8€ - Hatha Yoga Summer in Parks [Tête D’or]

ven. 23 août à 12:00 — informations

ven. 30 août à 12:00 — informations

ven. 6 septembre à 12:00 — informations

Aux enfants du Rhône défenseurs de la Patrie

Chaque semaine les vendredi jusqu'au 30 septembre 2019

🧘‍♀️🧘‍♂️Would you like to expand your body flexibility and develop your serenity simultaneously? Let’s join special sessions of Hatha Yoga in the parks for us to enjoy the 🌞 and fresh air when the Summer is still here. 🌴This session will be at Parc De La Tête D’or.

(I also do at Parc De La Visitation, next to Fourvière Church, Lyon 5ème). ABOUT THE COURS

We will do:

  • Pranayama: breathing exercises to get more oxygen, detoxify our bodies and enhance our concentration power.

  • Sun Salutations: a powerful warmup exercise that activate all of our muscles and strengthen our spines.

  • Hatha Yoga Asanas: the yoga postures begin from top (Head) to toes to practice our entire body and more importantly our internal organs.

  • Savasana: deep relaxation with self instruction to relax all of the muscles, then the second level is relaxing our mind and eventually our spiritual. WHAT TO BRING

  • Yoga mat: I could provide 3 yoga mats, if you need it, please contact me in advance.

  • Lunch box: you are welcomed to stay after class and enjoy lunch together under the trees 🌳

  • Small towel to cover eyes during final relaxation. TARIFS

Special price for the Summer

*Per session: 10€

*Carnet 5 sessions (valid 2 months): 40€ Pay [after class]: by Cash

Pay [before class]: by Bank transfer / Lydia / Transferwise / Paypal 🙏Read more about the teacher Aditi and her methodology Sivananda Yoga at: facebook.com/Aditi.Yoga.Lyon 🙏Should you have any questions, don’t hesitate to inbox her Facebook Page or Meetup message. 🙏Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti.

Source: https://www.meetup.com/fr-FR/AditiYogaLyon/

Aux enfants du Rhône défenseurs de la Patrie

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