Python Hands-On for Data Science / Machine & Deep Learning / Stat / Math

sam. 20 juillet à 03:00 — informations

dim. 21 juillet à 03:00 — informations

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Chiyoda City

Chaque semaine les samedi, dimanche jusqu'au 26 juillet 2019

This is the Tokyo Data Science Meetup. We host presentations and discussions about Data Science and Data Science-related software development and Business. Our talks are mostly done in English. • GOOD FOR: Beginners to Python/Programming and Intermediate/Advanced who want to help others learn • WHAT TO BRING:

Your laptop. * FEE (SORRY! NO REFUND!)

Price: ¥1000 cash / per person • PRIOR KNOWLEDGE/SETUP:

we'll discuss and code and come up with or find solutions. "Python for Data Science" problems:

  • How to learn "Python for Data Science"

  • How to learn "NumPy/pandas/scikit-learn for Machine Learning"

  • How to learn "TensorFlow/Keras/PyTorch for Deep Learning"

  • How to learn "Python for Mathematics/Statistics"

  • How to apply a "Data Science" method to your projects

  • How to apply a "Machine Learning" method to your projects

  • How to apply a "Deep Learning" method to your projects The meetups are open for everybody and all skill levels are welcome. * FEE (SORRY! NO REFUND!)

Price: ¥1000 cash / per person Time: 10:00-12:00 Area: Yahoo! Lodge

Yahoo! Lodge is a large co-working and collaboration space located in the Yahoo! Japan offices in the Tokyo Garden Terrace building. Address:

18F Tokyo Garden Terrace, 1-3 Kioicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo,[masked] [,139.7370980&z=17 ] Website: [Admission to LODGE]

There are the 3 important points for entering LODGE :

・ Login to Yahoo! JAPAN ID system ・ Pre-registration to the LODGE admission system (will be checked with

identification card)

・ Bring an Identification Card (Japanese Alien card or driving license, your passport, etc.. ) Please refer to the following image for additional details. * FEE (SORRY! NO REFUND!)

Price: ¥1000 cash / per person * Wifi

We have free Wifi in Yahoo! LODGE. * This is our group mark:


Chiyoda City

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