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Independent Filmmakers Co-operative Of Ottawa

This two-day course; offers women of all ages and backgrounds the opportunity to learn the art of 16mm filmmaking. The course is suitable for all levels of experience. The group will meet at IFCO to learn theoretical and practical elements of filmmaking. Topics to be covered include film production theory and use of IFCO’s 16mm Bolex film cameras. Participants will also receive instruction on lighting techniques, editing on flatbeds and Adobe Premiere Pro. The Bolex 16mm camera is lightweight, versatile and easy to learn. This workshop will give you a chance to learn how to use the camera, how to properly light and expose 16mm film, and how to edit using a 16mm Flatbed to produce a short 3 minute non-sync sound work. https://www.ifco.ca/event/16mm-filmmaking-for-women/ When: Saturday, August 24th, 2019 & Sunday, August 25th, 2019

Where: IFCO – 2 Daly Avenue, Arts Court Building – Suite 140

Time: 10:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Cost: Full Members: $175.00/Basic Member:$185.00/Student rate: $200.00 and Non-Student rate: $255.00

(All non–member rates include an IFCO membership)

Instructor: Breanne Oryschak

Registration Deadline: Friday, August 16th, 2019

ONLY SIX SPOTS AVAILABLE! The following is included in the workshop: > 1 – 100’ roll of 16mm Colour film stock;

> Cost of processing and transferring film to a digital format;

> 6 hours of edit time using Flatbed and Premiere Pro digital edit station;

> Equipment rentals – Camera & Lighting ONLY; and

> A digital copy of participant’s final film.

Source: https://www.meetup.com/fr-FR/OttawaFilmmaker/events/263092848/

Independent Filmmakers Co-operative Of Ottawa

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