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Independent Filmmakers Co-operative of Ottawa

The summer 2019 IFCO Dogme Challenge is an opportunity to allow you to make a short film for $125.00. While allowing first-time filmmakers to try their hand at filmmaking for an affordable amount, our Dogme Challenge can also challenge experienced filmmakers by taking away some of their favourite tools. This is not a competition, but rather a chance to participate in a creative activity within a community of filmmakers. Also for this round each Dogme filmmaker will be able to select a piece of copyright FREE music that can be projected/played along with their live projected films. Music can be played through an MP3 file delivered on a USB. https://www.ifco.ca/event/dogme-summer-2019/ RULES:

  1. You must be an IFCO member in good standing (membership fees paid and your account up to date). 2. No worries! If you have no previous experience working with a Bolex (or equivalent) 16mm camera; a one-on-one training session (on both the Bolex camera and the light meter) will be provided, by IFCO’s Technical Staff. 3. You must complete and submit all application forms to IFCO’s office before shooting commences. The available shooting dates for this round are Friday, July 12th to Friday, August 16th, 2019. Applications should be submitted to IFCO, and are subject to approval. Reasons for refusal will include unpaid IFCO membership fees or invoices and/or a lack of demonstrated experience with a Bolex camera. Note: Please submit your application as soon as possible. 4. You must pay an entry fee of $125.00 (which includes taxes). This is only to be paid following the approval of the application form, but before the shoot. No equipment will be rented to a participant who has not paid the entry fee. 5. The exact date of your shoot will be your choice, subject to availability of equipment. You must book the equipment through the IFCO office as usual with our Technical Coordinator; you must clearly state that you have registered for IFCO’s Dogme Challenge. 6. You will get the following equipment and materials: • 100 feet of film;

• A Bolex camera;

• One lens of their choice (subject to availability);

• A light meter; and

• A Tripod (subject to availability). 7. You have this equipment for 24 hours, after which you must return the equipment and

hand in the roll of film for processing 8. You may only use available light. 9. You may do only in–camera editing. 10. You may not do any post-production work whatsoever (no editing, no post sound, no cuts, no dissolves, etc.) 11. You must show the following credits at either the beginning, or end of the film: (a) the words “Summer 2019 IFCO

Dogme Challenge”;

(b) your name;

(c) the film title;

(d) Niagara Custom Lab’s logo, and

(e) IFCO’s logo. (All logos will be provided by IFCO.) 12. You must agree to have the film shown as part of a special screening (date to be determined). You cannot see the film between its completion and its screening. The workprint and negative will be returned to you after the screening. 13. Prior to the screening, the film will not be shown to anybody other than the project organizer. The project organizer will see it only for the purposes of preparing a program for the screening. If there are serious problems (i.e. the majority of the film is significantly wrongly exposed, and/or out of focus and/or the roll was wrongly loaded causing significant registration problems), you will be notified of this problem, and are allowed the option to not have it screened. If you have any questions, please contact the office, at (613)[masked].

Source: https://www.meetup.com/fr-FR/OttawaFilmmaker/events/263092289/

Independent Filmmakers Co-operative of Ottawa

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