Workingman's Dead Monthly Electric Jam

sam. 21 septembre à 21:30 — informations

sam. 19 octobre à 21:30 — informations

sam. 16 novembre à 21:30 — informations

Fuseau horaire : Paris (GMT+02:00)

Smash Studios
New York
New York

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Here's the suggested setlist for next month's jam for the people who like to practice and stuff. Guitars are going to be limited to 4 / first come first serve. I will sign up for the drums. We will be in Studio C again. _____ Odd Month Set List

Set 1. Cold Rain and Snow Warmup

Friend of the Devil

Dire Wolf

Me and My Uncle

Jack Straw



China Cat Sunflower -–>

I Know You Rider

Uncle John’s Band Set 2.


Playin in the Band

Hard to Handle

Scarlet Begonias

Fire on the Mountain

Morning Dew

Dark Star

Franklin’s Tower Brokedown Palace


Smash Studios
New York

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