Demystifying Deep Learning - You Can Do it ... 4th Thurs - EST 8:30AM - 9:30AM

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Institute of Analytics - Global Webinar -

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Your First Step for the Deep Learning meet up is to register and get password, within 24 hours from the time of occurrence, going to

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========================================= Meeting LINK: Join the meetup and let us have fun time learning.

========================================== What we'll do

  1. This is a free global webinar

Join the webinar using the goto meeting link: Bringing together some important

topics and their applications are 1. What is deep learning? Packages available in R for

deep learning (Tensorflow, Keras, H20, mxnet, openai, neuralnet designs, deep learning, ...) 2. Basics of Tensorflow in R, how to build regression and classification models 3. Using R/Py-Tensorflow for tackling cutting-edge problems in unstructured data such as image classification, video analysis, handwriting recognition, text classification, and speech recognition, and document analysis. 4. The R implementation of Keras, a high level, user-friendly API for neural networks ------------------------------------------------------------------------ These are hosted as community service by netAIsys Pvt. ltd., CRMportals Inc., and Institute of Analytics USA. Institute of Analytics (USA)™ is promoted by a team of Data Analytics professionals from the USA with the sole objective of creating and enhancing job opportunities in the fields of Business Analytics, Data Science, and Big Data Technologies, in India, USA and across the globe. It is predominantly to address the million-plus Data / Analytics / Technology based jobs that are coming up, in the next 10 years as envisaged by McKinsey and others in Knowledge Management and Disruptive Technologies. • What to bring

Bring your friends along with you, participate in this global webinar and enjoy the session as a community.


Institute of Analytics - Global Webinar -

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