2019 Gypsy Run

sam. 7 septembre à 16:00

Fuseau horaire : Paris (GMT+02:00)

Narrowsburg Campground (Lander's River Trips)

Gypsy Run 2019

Since 2007 the Gypsy Run has been pretty consistent in approach. Run. Camp. Run. Repeat. We're going to try something new this year. DATE

September 7 &[masked] {Saturday and Sunday} LOCATION

Landers River Trips Campground in Narrowsburg N.Y. Same campsite from the last few years. THE RUN (Short Version)

This year we are going to have four different routes to the campsite. Each ride will start from a compass point (North, South, East & West) a few hundred miles away so you get a great ride from wherever you are. THE SHOW (Short Version)

The Main Event is Saturday.

The Gates open at 10am and Close at 6pm

We will have two options for entry to the site.

Day Pass or Camping Pass (Camp Overnight Sat)

After 6pm only Campers are aloud on site.

Sunday morning have breakfast and ride home.

NO CARS, NO CAMPERS! BIKE ONLY parking inside the campsite.

There is vehicle parking by the gate. WHAT IS UP WITH THE “FREE” MOTORCYCLE?

No quotation marks needed my friends. We will be purchasing a lovingly used Harley Davidson. We will then turn it into a Gypsy Run milage muncher by adding some cool paint, parts and accessories. Then I am going to give it away to someone at the Gypsy Run. No tix to buy. Nothing. If you come to the Gypsy Run and are over 21 years old you are eligible. I don’t know how we are going to do it yet, a name out of a hat, Quick knee-jerk decision on my part… I’ll keep you all up to date. THINGS TO DO AND SEE

Ride In Bike Show | Vendor Village | Food Trucks | High Milage Bike Show | Tire Horseshoes | Flaming Axe Throwing | Kickstart Race | Push start race | Mini Bike Drag Racing | Mini Bike TT Race | Mini Bike Jousting | Kayak Races (Kayaks towed by motorcycles around a corse.) …and someone will get a FREE motorcycle. Who ever wins the most events wins a some extra fabulous prizes.

At 5pm we give away all the prizes, awards, a FREE motorcycle and end the day by 6pm. After the day folks ride home, and we put on our PJs, we will start up the night time activities. Including but not limited to; Bar set ups | Dinner menu | Show a few films | Rock show | DJ | Campfires | Typical Gypsy Run Stupidity. SUNDAY MORNING

Breakfast & Coffee | Load out | Ride Home | Cherish the memories.

Source: https://www.meetup.com/fr-FR/NYC-Motorcycle-Meetup/events/263064439/

Narrowsburg Campground (Lander's River Trips)

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