Cinematographer, crew and actors needed for great 3-5 min short!

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St Luke's Garden Tower

We have a great opportunity to work on an interesting and competition worthy concept.

The short story script was a collaboration between two members of our previous brainstorming meetup. The concept is a slightly humerus situation that happens to an average Joe who embarks upon a surprising discovery that is inevitably short lived. Needed:

1 Male office worker, able to articulate a surprised, tired and embarrassed look. 1 Male, Barman - regular looking dude. 1 Runner for the end scene. 1 DP willing to work unpaid. (Wide lens. Good low light camera to 1080p min.)

1 assistant director, 1 production manager.

1 Sound technician. (With or without sound gear).

1 colorist.

1 editor.

1 sound designer.

1 lighting technician.

10-15 extras - at the bar, at the station, in a group at the park, at the final scene. Able to feel natural in front of camera (no experience necessary). A cute dog or teddy bear that looks eye catching. A bar location (night or evening shoot), a park location (night shoot), a train station or bus stop location (day shoot), an apartment furnished or lived in (morning or day shoot). This story will be at 3 or 4 location including the bar and apartment.

The final product will be 4 - 5 mins long and will want to be finished to a good enough quality to reach competition.

I'm estimating 4 short days shooting as we are hoping to work around everyone's schedule. 4 days, 4 hours at each day for shooting. Anyone interested please come along and discuss the project with the writers. We are looking to build a team of doers to complete this project before the end of this year, anyone who has a passion for making movies and preferably some experienced crew members too.


St Luke's Garden Tower

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