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lun. 29 juillet à 01:00

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Panera Bread

Sunday will be based on the author of Think and Grow Rich and PMA science of success, Napoleon Hills principle And the author of "Self-Heal and become success"-John Raniola. Great time to sit down with me, John Raniola and maybe other business owners, life coaches, and or business coaches. This is not a one-minded meeting; I would love to hear from you and your techniques. Hope to see you on Sunday, June 28th. We are not alone in this vast world. I was alone on my journey; You do not have to be. Also, I will be giving away 1 Napoleon Hill Greatest speeches CD to one lucky winner. What do you not know your purpose? It is ok that it is normal.

How do we find our purpose?

How does one develop the Law Of success in the direction of revealing or developing their purpose?

And so much more. About the host. Certified Napoleon Hill Instructor PMA Science of Success.

Author of "Self-Heal and Become Success,"


Real estate Investor

Certified Master Reiki,

Elite Life Patterns Coach.

Reset meditation coach

Law of Attraction (The Secret) guide.

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Panera Bread

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