Foxtrot/Tango Dance Class!

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Queens Dance Project
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Chaque semaine les mardi jusqu'au 20 août 2019

NEW 6-Week Summer Session- July 14th-August 18th Foxtrot/Tango Dance Class! This is a fun, Level 1 class, that is great for beginners as well as experienced dancers wanting to learn a new dance! Each class begins with the fundamental basic footwork and techniques of Foxtrot/Tango dancing!

__ Foxtrot and Tango are great dances for all dancers: -Learn fun footwork & partner patterns to these iconic Ballroom dances!

-Gain useful leading/following techniques!

-Develop better floor-craft, musicality and partner connection to use in all other Latin, Ballroom and Swing dances!

__ Foxtrot is a fun, smooth American dance that includes natural footwork and fluid movements across the floor! Tango is an elegant dance that includes fancy footwork and fluid movements! This class will teach proper Foxtrot/Tango footwork along with styling, technique and musicality. Students will also learn fun partner patterns that can be used to a variety of Swing/Tango music!

__ No experience is needed, and no partner is necessary! __ Participation fee:

$15 per class


Special Discount:

$66 for the full Session

__ This is a weekly class that is regularly attended, the attendance shown for this event does not reflect the full attendance of the class, space is limited - Please RSVP if you would like to join us! You can find more information about our classes and events by visiting our Web-site, Spirare Dance Studio ( ). You can also find us on Facebook, Spirare Dance ( ).


Queens Dance Project

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