Live stream! From Empathy to Ignoring the Customer

dim. 13 octobre à 16:00

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New York
New York

Come and join us for the next live stream event of The Product Mentor! Sit back and listen or join with your own questions. @ 10 AM ET

Jordan Bergtraum: Get the most out of the PMs on your team

Maximize team output by understanding your peoples interests and skills. Interviewing your PMs, pairing them with the work at which they will excel, and motivating them through the areas that don't come natural. @ 11 AM ET

Andrew Knight: how to collect and present the right data for your product team's needs

Is your team data driven? Do you have the data required to set your product direction? We'll cover the fundamentals for asking the important questions, collecting the right information and presenting the relevant metrics to meet your objectives. Start using data in your decisions right away! @ 12 PM ET

Brad Popiolek: Leading with empathy, trust, and transparency -- a product manager's guide

Product managers are challenged to influence without formal authority and often serve as the "go-to" person for cross functional teams. Learn how a combination of leadership tactics and agile methodologies can help you lead a high functioning team that ultimately comes together in peace and harmony, delivers software every week, and does a retro every time to figure out how you can improve. @ 1 PM ET

Scott Stokke: Starting your PM Job - First 90 days

Starting a new product job is hard, you need quick wins and a long view understanding of the organization. Come learn what's worked and how you can become more impactful in your new product role, in less time. @ 2 PM ET

Dimitris Sotiriou: Don’t listen to the customer (when to break the rule)

The customer is always right...until proven otherwise. As product managers we are always driven by customer feedback and requests but there is a fine moment when temporarily ignoring the customer may actually help you take a forward leap. How do you identify these moments and how do you minimise the risk of going completely off track? RSVP to attend AND THEN at the start of this event visit to join in! Thanks & see you there! About The Product Mentor The Product Mentor is a program designed to pair Product Mentors and Mentees from around the World, across all industries, from start-up to enterprise, guided by the fundamental goals… Better Decisions. Better Products. Better Product People. Each Session of the program runs for 6 months with paired individuals… • Conducting regular 1-on-1 mentor-mentee chats

• Sharing experiences with the larger Product community

• Participating in live-streamed product management lessons and Q&A Signup to be a Mentor Today! ( ) .


New York

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