Workshop: GraphQL Using React | React Week '19

jeu. 18 juillet à 15:00

Fuseau horaire : Paris (GMT+02:00)

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New York
New York

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🎤Daniel Zen Description

A full day of training on GraphQL. We will cover everything you need to successfully adopt GraphQL across your stack from client to backend including tooling and best practices. Learn how to build and design a GraphQL Schema using types and relations. Moving to the client side, we will discuss the two main libraries for GraphQL in React: Relay Modern and Apollo Clients. We will introduce the GraphQL query syntax (queries, mutations, aliases, fragments, and directives). We discuss client/server communication, and what tooling is available to track usage and improve performance. We will show how to add authorization and authentication. And finally, we will focus on designing real-time features using subscriptions. Topics we will cover:

  • GraphQL Introduction

  • Setting up a GraphQL Server

  • Designing a GraphQL Schema

  • Relay Modern vs Apollo Client

  • Using queries and mutations on the GraphQL Client

  • Common practices: error handling, polling, and pagination

  • Adding Authentication and Authorization

  • Subscriptions for real-time support Prerequisites

  • Comfortable using React and JavasScript

  • Basic knowledge of Node

  • HTML and CSS a plus More info about React Week:

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Needs A Location
New York

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