[Free]Climbing free lessons, Tuesday Night@T-WALL Edogawabashi

mar. 21 avril 2020 à 12:00 — informations

mar. 19 mai 2020 à 12:00 — informations

mar. 16 juin 2020 à 12:00 — informations

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T-WALL Edogawabashi

Tous les 3 mardi du mois

This event is to enjoy indoor rope climbing (lead climbing and top roping) and/or bouldering with a mix of beginnings, rock climbers and avid boulders. We offer FREE climbing lessons for those who wish to take. After climbing, we go out to have Chinese dinner near Edogawabashi station. Come join us! ✅ Cost Drop-in fee: ¥2,160 (all day) or ¥1,620 (after 8pm)

Rental fee: Shoes ¥432, Chalk bag ¥216, Harness ¥324

Registration fee: A one time registration fee of ¥540 is necessary the first time.

*Dinner is not included. ✅ Venue T-WALL Climbing Gym 【Edogawabashi】

2-5-23 Suido Bunkyo-ku TOKYO *5 mins walk from Edogawabashi sta.

(Tokyo Metro Yūrakuchō Line)

9 mins walk from Kagurazaka sta.

(Tokyo Metro Tōzai Line) Website


(Only Japanese available) https://translate.googleusercontent.com/translate_c?depth=4&hl=en&ie=UTF8&nv=1&rurl=translate.google.com&sl=ja&sp=nmt4&tl=en&u=http%3A%2F%2Ftwall.jp%2Fgym%2Fedo%2F&usg=ALkJrhhenRh5AYbBIAkxniQYXhoRur23iw

(English translated by Google) ✅ Schedules 19:00 - Meet at the reception desk (2F) in T-WALL Climbing Gym【Edogawabashi】 *If you are late, please check-in at reception and come directly to the rope climbing area on the first floor.

19:10 - Start climbing / Instruction for beginners

21:30 - Finish climbing *You can keep climbing / go home / go for dinner with us.

21:45 - Dinner *The dinner bill will be split evenly.

22:45 - Wrap up and go home ✅ FREE climbing lessons For beginners: Facility usage rules and basic climbing techniques for rope climbing and/or bouldering (incl. balance, weight distribution, energy conservation, and choreographing moves)

*We show how to register and check-in for first timers, so please find us at reception at 19:00. For experienced: Tips on how to improve climbing skills for rope climbing and/or bouldering ✅ What to bring - Comfortable clothes that you don’t mind getting scratched up against the wall

  • Short socks for rental shoes

  • Climbing shoes (if you have)

  • Chalk bag (if you have)

  • Harness (if you have)

  • Drinks (& snacks)

  • Keep your nails short! ⚠️ Cancellations ⚠️ If you registered but need to cancel, please change your status so that others may join. Also, please try avoid canceling on the day of the event.

Source: https://www.meetup.com/fr-FR/Climbing-Tokyo/

T-WALL Edogawabashi

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