Blockchain Bootcamp NYC

mar. 9 juillet à 00:30

Fuseau horaire : Paris (GMT+02:00)

845 3rd Ave
New York
New York

Starting date: July 8 - July 26

Total Hours: 30

Monday - Friday: 6:30pm - 8:30pm Anybody interested in Blockchain technology and Cryptocurrencies. No previous programming or technical knowledge is required. Crypto investors and traders would benefit from understanding the fundamentals and techniques of Blockchain technology. Entrepreneurs and developers who are interested in launching their own contracts or Crypto tokens. Beginners are welcome! This training program enables individuals to build their crypto investments. Individuals will be able to create their Ethanium token and trading strategies. The program uses simple games and real-time analogies to demonstrates constructs of blockchain and defines why it cannot be altered as time passes. This training enables individuals to build tools to automate the process of gathering and analyzing Crypto contracts and historical data. Our program uses real-time testing networks to test individual crypto trading strategies. Trainees can build their individual crypto data analytics and investment solutions using python and solidity. In the end, our instructors will help you create your own blockchain program. Other Payment Options:

1300 Downpayment + 400/week for 3 weeks + 25.00 Setup fee ( Please email us to set up a payment plan )

Refer program: Refer 3 friends and get one free Bootcamp course free. Topics:

Blockchain technology and terminology / Tools to gather and analyze data

Types of Cryptocurrencies/tokens and learn about Ethereum and Solidity

Understanding Python and JavaScript libraries for working with Bitcoin and Ethereum

How to build a Blockchain using Python programming

Understanding the concept of mining

How to append a Blockchain in Python

Understanding the hash mechanism

How to importing hash library

Implementing Blockchain in Flask

Hacking a Blockchain code written in Javascript

Python and JavaScript libraries for working with Bitcoin and Ethereum

Build a blockchain in Python

Understand mining on the blockchain and appending the blockchain in Python

Implementing blockchain in Flask

Hacking a Blockchain code written in Javascript


845 3rd Ave
New York

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