The "SpreadLove" Event: Karaoke, Tabletop/Video Games & Open Mic

mer. 14 août à 01:00 — informations

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Fuseau horaire : Paris (GMT+02:00)

683 Grand St

Chaque semaine le mardi

Calling all Open Mic Performers!

We're taking singers, rappers, instrumentalists, dancers, comedians, poets or just talented people for a new Gaming & Arts infusion event Tuesdays in Brooklyn! FREE Pool From 5 Till 7pm! Card, Board, Trivia & Table Top Games welcome!

Karaoke, live performances, new tech & gaming all in one super party!

Karaoke & Games FREE! Cuphead, Mortal Kombat 11, DragonBall FighterZ & Smash on site. MUST BE ON SIGN UP LIST PROVIDED ON SITE TO PERFORM. Starts 8PM SHARP!

Performers 1st song free.

Each additional song requires you have at least 2 people in attendance with you. Pool and Darts are available onsite as well! Feel free to bring your own systems and games!

If you need a station let us know and I will set you up!

(Note: there are only 3 screens that are available to use, so please contact me immediately before those spots are filled.) We will have a PS4, Switches and various other systems on site! Please support our amazing Venue by purchasing drinks! Check out NYCHangouts Channel & the Digital-Gamers-Union Chat Room on Discord! Join our NEW Social Group to share your game videos, links and meet new coop friends or rivals! Like events like these? Join the Digital Gamers Union Meetup!



While there is no cost for this event, we ask that you buy drinks to support the amazing venue!

Also, please tip our amazing bartenders as this is how they make a living! Suggestions are welcome! Bring games you would like to play!

Bring your Nintendo Switches and 3DS!

Bring your favorite Table-Top games! For those that just want to come and see, there will be demos, trivia and multiplayer games available as well!


683 Grand St

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