Tantra Practitioner Apprenticeship Women working with Women in LA

ven. 13 septembre à 19:00

Fuseau horaire : Paris (GMT+02:00)

Studio City
Los Angeles
Los Angeles

Limit 12 participants

RSVP HERE: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/tantra-practitioner-apprenticeship-women-working-with-women-tickets-62767787141 So many of you are feeling the call to offer Tantra to other women and are asking for the steps, for a training to be able to do what we do, well we are going to offer you one better…. We are going to offer you an intensive, one that will teach you to do the hands on, multi-dimensional healing work of the Tantric Healing Arts focusing on working with women. Learn the skills to offer your greatest healing gifts to your clients, workshop attendees, partners... helping them reclaim their wholeness and REMEMBER…. Do you feel that you have an inner purpose that’s calling you to help bring more elegance and grace to the world?

Women have a key to unlocking massive potential in our society. A woman’s capacity for pleasure and connection to her own sexuality open doors of infinite wisdom and creativity! It is really really time that for us to open that door for ourselves, our communities and the world. We want to invite you to be part of this opportunity to support women reclaiming empowerment. It is time to heal the hurt. This training is for you if you are on a healing path or a healer’s path or both! Do you feel called to be bringing the ancient wisdom back in the contemporary way?

This is an in depth facilitator training for women in the Tantra Healing Arts of holding energetic, emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual/sexual healing and transformation for other women. We weave together all the dimensions of self. You will learn or up-level your skills in:

*Working with women ~ Women’s sexual/spiritual healing

*Yoni Massage

(Plus getting access to a profound offering The Yoni Puja)

*Energy Work

*Chakra Diagnostics

*Shamanic Timeline

*Tantric view

*Business Savvy

*Tools for self-sourcing overflow in all aspects of life while stepping into your highest form of service for this planet.

*Ultimately offering the world the Greatest vision of who you are; and showing other women how to do the same! Are you ready??

*To awaken your passion and gifts and share them with the world?

*To shed any limiting beliefs in the way of shining your light?

*To commit 100% to the life you were born to live?

*To answer the call and join a community of teachers, leaders, facilitators and guides doing the work to change the world right now?

*To create a thriving healing business that nourishes and sustains you and your community?

*To step into the role of leader? Then join us. (space is limited!) Be part of something amazing. Unlock the deepest parts of yourself while supporting others! It’s not a revolution, or movement, this is returning the planet to its purest essence. The gift of women is beyond words. In this class, through embodiment, consciousness and spirituality, Tantra will be shared that opens the gates to the feminine awakening.

Find your voice. Open your heart. Flow with ease. This is a celebration, a time to reclaim and bring forth the sacred feminine. You learn how to present Tantra that addresses all areas of life.

● Discover how people find more connection to their body

● Support people in being more expressed in their voice and actions

● Offer skills that help people be more in connection rather than the fight

● Illuminate places where Beauty is rarely experienced

● Have fun teaching other women to become empowered and be their own person

● Explore movement with purpose

● Redefine sexuality to a place that opens up the connection between humanity and spirituality

● Learn how to honor yourself while sharing your gifts with others Logistics:

When: Sept[masked]

Where: A Private home in Studio City California.

Cost: first 2 to register~ $1250

Next 6 tix ~ $1450

Regular Registration ~ $1750

Limit 12 participants RSVP HERE: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/tantra-practitioner-apprenticeship-women-working-with-women-tickets-62767787141

Source: https://www.meetup.com/fr-FR/Juicy-Enlightenment-NY/events/262167786/

Studio City
Los Angeles

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