Saturday Bible Study (Newport)

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Jersey City
Jersey City

Chaque semaine le samedi

We meet in person on Thursdays at Manhattan and Tuesdays/Saturdays at Newport (Jersey City). If you want to try out our WhatsApp group first, please click this link on your phone: Questions/Scriptures to be discussed include: 1. Why does God permit so much evil in the world?

  1. What does mankind's future look like, as per the Bible?

  2. Are science and faith mutually exclusive? Could they be reconciled with each other?

  3. What happens when a man dies?

  4. What has happened over 2000 years of church history and how has that changed Christianity from its original version?

  5. Can the Bible be harmonized from Genesis to Revelation? Does it contradict itself anywhere?

  6. What is the Kingdom of Heaven?

  7. Why did Jesus tell so many parables (more than 90%) about his upcoming Kingdom?

  8. What's the purpose of this Kingdom of God?

  9. Why is it taking so long to come? Hasn't it been 2000 years since Jesus?


Jersey City

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