★FREE Entrance★ Karaoke Party ★ Wednesday is Karaoke night in Otsuka!★

mer. 24 juillet à 12:00 — informations

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English below 毎週水曜日、SPEAKEASYには世界中の旅人が訪れます。日本人とコミュニケーションをとりたい彼らはとても社交的で、敬意にあふれ、そしてパーティー好きなみなさんです。Speak Easy Barで歌って、踊って, みんなで一緒に楽しみましょう。一期一会! ★入場料無料!

★カクテルは500円 - 600円

★生ビールは600円 KARAOKE NIGHT!! Every Wednesday, same place, same time, come at Speak Easy and enjoy our vibrant Karaoke night!! Here you will have the chance to hang out with the coolest locals & visitors in a homely atmosphere, exchange experiences, hear what’s going on in town and, why not, make plans to reconnect!! Every week from 19:00 and until late, Speak Easy is the place to be!! You will not only have a fun and wonderful time with us but you may also meet people with who make plans during your stay in Tokyo!! Free entrance ! All cocktails[masked] yen ! Beer 600 yen Snacks are from 100yen! Speak Easy access : http://speakeasy-tokyo.com/?page_id=16

Below, a video that explain HOW TO FIND Speak Easy from Otsuka Station ;) https://youtu.be/jF4txTRix_w ◣OUR CONCEPT The Speak Easy was born in 2009. It’s an international bar, where speaking and exchange are keywords. A safe place where japaneses and foreigners can meet them, speak, have a drink, have fun and enjoy a part of the night. We organise some events, meet ups, parties, artist nights, and work with different partners to provides you always new people, new atmospheres, and a lot of fun. ◣OUR PLACE We secured a great, safe, & clean venue with 2 parts: - 1st part: the BAR area & ample space for 25-30 people to talk, smoke & order drinks! - 2nd part: the SPEAK area with enough space for 60-70 people to drink and keep talking ! Free entry / Free events Only pay for the drinks that you order! ◣OUR TEAM Our bartenders are very friendly and can speak many languages: English, French, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese…(depends on schedule) ◣OUR DRINKS - Cocktails are ALWAYS ¥600 - ¥500 yen ! - Draft beers are ALWAYS ¥600 yen ! - Non alcoholic drinks available such as: Tea, Water, Fruit Juices (Orange, grapefruit, cramberry…), Ginger Ale, Cola, Soda… Full drink menu : http://speakeasy-tokyo.com/menu-2/ ◣HOW TO FIND SPEAK EASY BAR: Adresse (GPS, Google Maps..) Kita Otsuka[masked] Suzuya Biru 3F[masked] Toshima, Tokyo 1. JR Yamanote Line, Otsuka Station, North Exit. 2. To the right side of the "Royal Host" 24 hr restaurant, you will see an Entrance with a clear lit-up NEON sign in green. The sign is on the left side of the ground entrance and the sign says "Speakeasy International Bar" 3. Go up to the stairs to the 3rd Floor and join us! CONTACT : Tel. [masked] [masked] www.speakeasy-tokyo.com

Source: https://www.meetup.com/fr-FR/meetup-group-yCWVkNGk/


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