Art Build for Die-In Actions

mar. 23 avril à 23:00

Fuseau horaire : Paris (GMT+02:00)

134 W 29th St
New York
New York

This art build is for the upcoming dies-in at the offices of Congressmen Nadler (4/25) and Jeffries (May, tbd). Neither Congressman has signed onto the no fossil fuel money pledge, so FOE is putting pressure on them to commit to not accepting any dirty fossil fuel money! We will be making posters, painting t-shirts, talking game plan for the action, and enjoying free pizza (gluten free/vegan options as well)! Supply list (please let us know if you are able to bring any of these items!)

1) Suit (we only need 1-2 people with this, and they must be able to attend the die-in at 10am on 4/25! Suit will not be damaged.)

2) Fake mustache

3) Monocle

4) Markers for poster making (Jenny)

5) Poster Board (Jenny)

6) White Tee shirts (Jo)

7) Black/brown paint (Jenny/Jo)

8) Paint sponges (Jenny)

9) Top Hat

10) hair dryer (Jo)

11) Fake money (this will be painted on, so only bring if you are ok with that)

12) Newspaper for painting shirts/posters on See you there!


134 W 29th St
New York

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