Montclair Film Festival: "Toni Morrison: The Pieces I Am" & Q&A w/director

dim. 12 mai à 00:30

Fuseau horaire : Paris (GMT+02:00)

The Wellmont Theater

I am a Toni Morrison fan so the chance to see this, the Closing Film of the Festival is quite special, as I think the film and Q&A will be as well. Tickets are only available on the Floor and the Lower Balcony as of this writing.

Because it is a school/work night we will leave any post-film get together as TBD to be decided that night by the attendees. Here is the info about the film:

TONI MORRISON: THE PIECES I AM is director Timothy Greenfield-Sanders’ stunning and evocative portrait of the American Nobel laureate Toni Morrison, one of our greatest novelists. Following Morrison from her childhood to her work as a leading literary editor and through her influential career as a novelist, the film gives voice to Morrison herself, allowing her words and experience to provide a form of autobiography. With special appearances by Oprah Winfrey, Fran Leibowitz, Sonia Sanchez, Walter Mosely, and more, TONI MORRISON: THE PIECES I AM is a true accomplishment, a film that proves worthy of its legendary subject. The Montclair Film Festival is proud to present TONI MORRISON: THE PIECES I AM as our 2019 Closing Film. Q&A with director Timothy Greenfield-Sanders follows the screening. This screening is co-presented by NJ Beer Co. Genre

African-American Interest, Biography, Documentary, Women's Interest, Literature, NYC Interest, Feature Film, Creativity Runtime

119 min Section

Closing Film Release Year

2019 Director

Timothy Greenfield-Sanders Producer

Timothy Greenfield-Sanders, Johanna Giebelhaus, Chad Thompson, Tommy Walker Subject

Toni Morrison Country



The Wellmont Theater

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