Getting to Know the Real You ~ Numerology, Tarot Reading & A Pot Luck Brunch

dim. 14 juillet à 17:30

Fuseau horaire : Paris (GMT+02:00)

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Marilyn Sukonick-Zeff is an internationally known professional tarot card reader and numerologist. She has done readings for celebrities, high profile people and even royalty. Marilyn does live interactive group readings and will be doing the following activities with our group: - Numerology Reading

This activity intrigues the logical aspect of our minds due to the recognition of how our birth dates, phone numbers, addresses, etc.... create a very accurate description of our personalities. Worksheets will be provided. - Tarot Past, Present & Future Readings

Each guest formulates a specific question, or simply chooses 3 random

cards. Both options provide a detailed reflection of the individual's answers. - Lipstick Personality Profile, with Handwriting Analysis

A 5x5 card, a pen and a fresh mini tube of lipstick are provided to each client. In order to define the individual aspects of your personality, you will be requested to kiss the card and sign your formal name in script. Cost is $40 per person. We are requesting that you make payment to reserve your spot. We must provide a minimum of 20 participants as Marilyn will be traveling to us from Bucks County, Pennsylvania. To reserve your spot, please send payment of $40 to Carol Smith. Payment methods:


(If you use PayPal, please make sure that you send to "family & friends")

Venmo: @Carol-Smith

Zelle: Carol Smith

Cash will not be accepted. Please note - due to the numerous cancellations and special requests: - If you are on the waitlist, just hang in there. We ALWAYS have movement on our event lists.

  • Make sure your dues are up to date, you must use a computer, not a device, to do so. We recommend auto renewal. Carol handles all dues.

  • If you have a friend who would like to join us, they must join our group, and go through the same reservation system we all do. ALSO: Please let us know what you'll be bringing for the pot luck brunch. I will email my address as we get closer to the date. BRUNCH ITEMS

Judi M - Zucchini rounds with Gorgonzola

Alice Sue & Nina - Bagels and Shmears

Heather J - Tomato-Zucchini Strata

Maryann - Quiche

Stacey S - Salad

Sandy S - Pasta Salad

Deborah M - Salad

Peggy - Chicken Salad & Pita Chips

Nadine - Kale Salad

Teresa - Salad

Carol - Paper plates and napkins, plasticware and cups


Home of Carol Smith

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