Salsa Tuesdays 4 beginners!

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De Maalbeek

Chaque semaine les mardi jusqu'au 25 juin 2019

Join us for new salsa classes for beginners in April!

New spring season 2019 with Oscar & Joke Tuesdays we teach close to Shuman (GC De Maalbeek) and Sundays close to place Luxemburg (Maison de la solidarite). Our classes are very inclusive, we take all the time you need to learn and take you step by step with us into the world of salsa. We teach in English, Dutch, French and Spanish. Try it out! Salsa is good for your body and your mind! Everyone welcome! TUESDAYS - First class on 23.04

GC De Maalbeek / Rue du Cornet 97, 1040 Etterbeek

7-8 Beginners

8-8:30 Open level footwork

8:30-10 Intermediate SUNDAYS - First class on 28.04

La Maison de la solidarite / Rue du viaduc 133, 1050 Ixelles

4-5 Beginners

5-5:30 Open level footwork

5:30-7 Intermediate

7-8:30 Advanced level 10x beginners class is 85e ( classes of 1h + 30min of solo footwork for free) facebook event:


De Maalbeek

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