B3 Bicycles Women's Road Ride

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Colliers Mills Wildlife Management Area
New Egypt

Chaque semaine les dimanche jusqu'au 29 septembre 2019

Please join us on Sunday at 9 am for our Weekly Women's Road Ride! (This is a recurring Meetup Event. If there are every any changes to the route or schedule, that specific week's Event will be edited by Thursday afternoon.) This week...

We'll be riding 10-mile loops through some very quiet and very beautiful New Egypt farmland, along some of our favorite roads. There is no climbing worth mentioning on this ride. There are lots of cows and horses and goats and sheep and fowl feathered farmy things that are definitely worth mentioning. Also, probably the smelliest road in all of Ocean and Monmouth counties. Everyone is welcome. We'll be riding in loops along a very easy to follow route, so no worries about 'getting dropped'. The route can be found here: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/29470257

(The route includes From Parking Lot To The Loop, 2x around The Loop, and To Parking Lot From The Loop. If you'd like more, do the loop again!) Best place to park is at Colliers Mills Wildlife Management -- 401 Hawkin Road, New Egypt. (The address might be off by a couple hundred feet. You'll come to a four way intersection at the intersection of Hawkins and Colliers Mills road, pull into the park parking lot near the lake.) It's about a 1 mile ride to the loop. If you start your cycling navigation computer device gizmo at the park, it'll pick up the route from there and guide you to the loop. The following are mandatory to join the ride:

  • A bicycle in good safe working condition.

  • A friendly and respectful attitude in good safe working condition.

  • A helmet in good safe working condition.

  • A waterbottle.

  • And never a bad idea to bring along some mid-ride munchies to keep your energy up and finish strong.

  • A GPS computer with the route uploaded, or a cue sheet. Both the route and the cue sheet can be found here. https://ridewithgps.com/routes/29470257 Hope to seeya there!

Source: https://www.meetup.com/fr-FR/B3-Bicycles-Rides-Races-Calendar/

Colliers Mills Wildlife Management Area
New Egypt

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