Mindfulness: Introduction

mar. 26 mars à 19:00


A new introduction to Mindfulness will take place soon, on Tuesday, March 26th at 7pm. The place, a prestigious co-working just minutes from the roundabout Montgomery.

Mindfulness is a psychological training that is more and more known and is recognised as useful.

We live more and more in large urban concentrations and our days are mostly busy. When is the time for ourselves, to breathe a little? The learning and practice of Mindfulness will undoubtedly help us to find inner calmness and to face the events of life otherwise.

Stress, anxiety are often in our conversations without sometimes knowing their true meaning or origin.

It is in the context of a work and a personal evolution that we will find our personal, humand and spiritual intimacy. It will be necessary, therefore, to train, practice and persevere.

This presentation does not include exercises except for some tests of breathing and concentration. The basic Mindfulness training protocol (also known in the Anglo-Saxon world as Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction -MBSR-) is usually given in eight sessions (or sometimes in four) and is the basis of the practice of Mindfulness. This training will be given later.

This introduction can help us decide if we engage in regular practice - including meditation - via the MBSR.

This introduction is also an opportunity to tell you what is Mindfulness and what is not. There are myths about Mindfulness that circulate but do not correspond with reality. I can confirm, however, that the regular practice of Mindfulness has a contrasting utility.

This introduction may be the beginning of a change for you.

The presentation will be given by myself. I hold "Mindfulness Trainer" certificates in French and English. I am also a regular practitioner of meditation.

I'm waiting for you ... See you soon.

The activity involves some expenses. To participate in the workshop, please, transfer 15€ to the count BE[masked] with the mention "Mindfulness" or pay at the beginning of the activity..

Source: https://www.meetup.com/fr-FR/Brussels-Mindfulness-Meetup/events/259923215/


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