Lesson one : vowel and consonant of syllable 母音と子音

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sam. 8 juin à 02:30 — informations

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Do read until the end.

最後までお読みください 🌠中国語の特徴

The characteristics of Chinese Language


The only one pronunciation(few of them have two at most)



Four tones(Different tone gives different meaning even with the same spell)



Two word phrase (like 你好)



No verb declension,but different verb for different tense



Verb is all.



The expression phrases between man and woman are the same


No honorific expression rules

敬語の表現は存在しませんが、目上に対する敬語に当たる呼び方などがあります。要は、敬意は動詞ではなく、相手への称呼にによって、表すことが一般的です。 「参加者」中国語、中国文化に関心持つ方

Participations:For all the people who like Chinese language and culture.


Tuition fee:For each one person

「料金」 お一人様 一人組   ¥3000円/60mins 二人組   ¥3000円/90mins 三人組   ¥3000円/120mins すべてテキスト材含み(text fee included) ➕ドリンク1杯  +one drink


You're welcome to bring your own any kind of Chinese text book. 「持ち物」書く物とノート

Things to bring:Ballpens and notes.


Homework:You'll not bring any homework back home,But we'll take 15mins to do a writing/speaking test based on what we learned last time before the lesson begins.

「場所」〒[masked] 東京都渋谷区恵比寿南1丁目1−9 岩 徳 ビル 1F


Please follow the address to come instead of trusting the map below. ☆参加曜日、時間などに関しては、個別に連絡いただければ、相談可能です。

We could talk about the lesson date and time if I can get you mesage before. ご参加される場合、前日前までに、メッセージよりご連絡下さい。



Do contact me in advance at least one day bofore if you'll attend the lesson next day,so that I can prepare the text for you.

Source: https://www.meetup.com/fr-FR/Learning-Chinese-From-Zero-Start-with-PinYin/

Ebisu Food Hall

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