international friendly futsal for men,women in Hatagaya(shibuya) only 300 yen!

sam. 23 mars à 04:40

Fuseau horaire : Paris (GMT+01:00)

Shibuya Ward Sports Center

before coming,please mail us to [masked]. 23rd(sat)MAR.

12:40 gathering at the ticket gate of Hatagaya sta.

(from Shinjuku sta.,by Keio shinsen line,by local,2nd sta.,not Keio line)

13:40-15:40 Shibuya-ku sports center futsal field.

(from about 13:20 we can play)

fee will be about 300 yen-500 yen per one player.

with shower room,artificial field,no spike shoes,sneakers,practice shoes are ok.

men and women,each teams,practice matches.(no opponent team)

beginners welcome.

after football or futsal everytime we are going to have the small party at the pub.

Come and join!You are welcome


Shibuya Ward Sports Center

#sport Loisirs
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