Board Game Day near Futako Tamagawa

dim. 31 mars à 05:30

Fuseau horaire : Paris (GMT+01:00)

Tamagawadai Kumin Center

• What we'll do Come join us for a day of board gaming, and any other variety of table top gaming , and of course lots of fun. Even if you have never played before please come and join! We are friendly . If you have never been to Yoga , it is on the Den en toshi line about 7 minutes or so from Shibuya ——— You are more than welcome to join us even if you haven’t signed up!——————

Newcomers are very welcome! If you don't speak English very well that is no problem. Everyone is very friendly. Feel free to come at any time . You can pick up a game from the table and play it . 初心者からベテランまで皆さんウェルカムです! このグループは東京のゲーミング・グループです。楽しい会話と幅広くゲームをしています:カードゲーム、ボードゲーム、ミニチュアゲーム、ロールプレイングゲーム等をやっています。



必ずゲームをする相手が見つかりますよ Here is an updated list of my current board game collection, feel free to ask me to bring anything specific We need to take care of our own garbage and throw it away when we leave. The location

Tamagawadai Kumin Center - Room 1 玉川台区民センター 第2会議室 1-6-15 Tamagawadai, Setagaya-ku

東京都世田谷区玉川台1-6-15 Google maps link:

It is about a six minute walk from Yoga Station From Yoga station - take the south exit When you exit the South exit stairwell (there's a Mos burgers on your left), turn left at the top of the stairwell and follow the main road under the giant overhead street (there's a bike parking place). After the train tracks you will walk past the fire station and the first set of traffic lights. At the next street after the traffic lights, turn left (there's a building that says Foyeur). Then walk about 2-3 minutes straight, and you'll see the Kumin Center on your right. We will be in the big room (room 1 and 2)

If you have any questions about how to find the place please ask me. (Rob)

Time: 12:30 to 7:30 p.m

Participation fee: ¥[masked] depening on the number of people attending.

(This is to cover the cost of the room rental). • What to bring

Please feel free to bring your own games, or come and play one of the many ones we have here. Come try out a new game with new friends. Usually there are Party Games, Complex Board Games and Minature games, and some card games. So a good mix of just about everything. If you have never been to a gaming day, you are more than welcome to join us. Just bring a good smile or two.


Tamagawadai Kumin Center

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