Downhill skiing, snowboarding and tubing!

sam. 23 mars à 15:00

Fuseau horaire : Paris (GMT+01:00)

Mount Pakenham

*** Tentative to weather condition


Hey everyone!

Join us to a fun adventurous snow activity! We will be heading to Mount Pakenham (which is one of the best hills for beginners here in Ontario) for a fun adventurous day! Their prices are reasonable too. They have different levels of hills from beginners to more advanced (bunny hill, green hill, blue hill, black diamond hill) Pass Prices (taxes included):

  • Ski/Snowboarding pass: $38.42 (4hr) $39.55 (6hr) $40.68 (full day to closing time at 9pm)

  • Tubing pass: $13.56

  • Helmet rental only: $9.04

  • Ski/Snowboarding rental: $28.25 (4hr) $29.38 (6hr) $30.51 (full day to closing time at 9pm)

--Rental for ski includes ski, boot, poles, halmet

--Rental for ski includes snowboard, boot and halmet Ski/Snowboard first time package:

Resort asks for reservation in advance. Fill the form by March 19

  • "Discover Downhill Ski" package $62.15 (3hr pass to play + 1hr lesson for group of 6 + rental) ($55+taxes)

  • "Discover Snowboarding" package $62.15 (3hr pass to play + 1hr lesson for group of 6 + rental) ($55+taxes) Car pooling:

We will do car pooling. PM organizer if you need a ride! The place is only 45-50 mins from Ottawa. How to be prepared:

-Dress very warm with at least 3 layers. Don’t forget the pressure of air going downhill so please stay warm.

-You will need snow pants for sure to not get wet.

-If you have goggles that will benefit you a lot to avoid light reflection disturbing the eyes.

-Having hand and foot warmers are a great addition!

-Pack your lunch or buy from their cafeteria at the Lodge


Mount Pakenham

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