Camp Smith Trail to Anthony’s Nose

sam. 27 avril à 14:30

Fuseau horaire : Paris (GMT+01:00)

Camp Smith Trail

First and foremost I’m not a pro hiker, so I’m hoping we can all learn from one another along the way. Our main goal here is to enjoy the beautiful sights of nature, catch some sun, laughs and have a great work out. Things to bring :

• Carry a back pack

• 3 bottles of water

• First aid kit , insect repellent

• Pepper spray and/or a hunting knife ( better to be prepared than sorry).

• Please wear appropriate foot wear such as sneakers or hiking boots.

• Fully charged phone, camera etc

• A map or anything that could be useful in the case where we loose track ( chalk, yarn etc ).

• Extra pair of clothes or socks

• Lastly SNACKS ( granola bars , trail mix , dried fruit, fresh fruit, protein bar anything that’ll hold you up til the end of the hike ). PLEASE BE ON TIME!

• We will all meet at Grand central’s Starbucks ( to grab our morning coffee & what not ).

• We will then purchase our tickets ( tickets should be about $15-$20 ) for the Metro North going towards poughkeepsie.

** We will be getting off at the Peeskill Station Stop ***

• Once we gather ourselves we will then all chip in and either order Lyfts and Uber’s to take us to the entrance of the Smith Trail. Check out this trail on AllTrails. * if you have a car and would much rather drive to the destination and are willing to bring along a few people , pls message me so we can make arrangements ** After the hike we can go to the local Taco Dive Bar and celebrate with a few beers and tacos !!!!


Camp Smith Trail

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