Claim It Sis! [Mall Walking Group for Professional Women]

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Claim It Sis! [Mall Walking Group for Professional Women]

REGISTER ONLINE- BEFORE YOU GO ANY FURTHER- Please answer the 5 questions below to find out if this event is for you:

Do you want to claim your best life and Summer body now?

Do you need to exercise more?

Do you hate stale treadmills or walking outside in the elements?

Do you feel uncomfortable at gyms?

Do you like group support, motivation and being part of a team?

If you answered yes to any of the 5 questions above then this event is for YOU! Professional women (of all sizes, colors and ethnicities) are invited to come out and "mall walk" with the Claim It Sis! Team. *You should be healthy enough to participate in this group activity.

Bridgewater Mall is huge! Please follow these directions so that we all connect.

Park in the lot near Cheesecake Factory and Microsoft. Use the mall entrance right in between these 2 stores; you'll see the signage for Microsoft and for Cheesecake Factory. Here's the itinerary:

8:30am- 8:40am

We meet in front of Starbucks. Once inside the mall Starbucks is just a few steps in from the entrance. 8:40am - 10:30am

We start to walk as a group; though feel free to walk at your own pace. If you need to rest during the course of our outing there's plenty of seating available. This is not a race. This group is designed to bring professional women together from all backgrounds to simply walk and get the body moving. 10:30am

This event is over. You can leave or you can attend part 2 of this series at 11am -12 noon and learn about a healthy medically approved dieting system and healthy habits that guarantee signifcant weight loss. Team participants are loosing an avg. of 10lbs per month. You design your plan - the system is guaranteed to work whether you need to loose 10lbs or 100lbs. FYI- Walking for 2 hours non-stop around the mall at a steady pace amounts to approximately 5 miles for most people! Walking Etiquette

We're coming together as a team, though be mindful that some people will need each breathe to successfully complete their walking exercise experience. Some people may be open to networking and engaging in conversation while walking. In either case - don't be offended if some people prefer to stay quiet or listen to music through headphones while walking. Each walker designs her own experience. Our team motto is - Claim It Sis!

This expression is one of support and encouragement! By saying this to a fellow Claim It Sis team member you're urging them to claim success! At this gathering success is completing the 2 hour walk and getting their steps in! FAQs

Is there a fee for this meetup?


PLEASE REGISTER & PAY ONLINE- Who should attend:

Professional diverse women who want to be more active and try a new group exercise experience. What should I wear to this event? Wear comfortable workout clothes and comfortable sneakers.

You might want to wear a Claim It Sis! Sweatshirt with pockets to hold your car keys or phone and/or wear a "fanny pack".

*We do NOT recommend wearing coats or holding bags while mall walking. What should I bring into the event? You can bring a bottle of water or you may be able to purchase a beverage from a store within the mall.

Bring your cell phone

Bring headphones if you plan to listen to music; have your fave playlist queued up.

Download a step counter app to your phone so that you can count your steps/ miles. How can I contact the organizer with any questions? QUESTIONS? CALL or TEXT (609)[masked] Is my registration fee or ticket transferable? Yes. REGISTER ONLINE-


Bridgewater Commons

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