Reiki Level I ~ Shoden

dim. 28 avril à 16:00

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Balance Arts Center
New York
New York

Make Self-Care, Self-Love and Self-Compassion

an integral part of your daily routine Restore your energy and be grounded,

focused and mindful in your everyday life Reiki I - Shoden offers you the tools to experience more balance in mind, body and spirit, and to feel grounded and focused in your everyday activities. In learning the breathing exercises and meditations as well as the hands-on healing protocols, you develop a renewed presence in your life and within your relationships, empowering you to experience greater states of joy, inspired creativity and intuitive awareness. You receive 4 attunements during Reiki I to assist you in making a deeper connection with the flow of energy, which in turn supports the use of the other tools in the System of Reiki. Day 1 ~ Saturday, April 28th from 10 am to 6 pm The tools for Reiki as a form of daily self-care, including the breathing exercises, meditations and hands-on healing protocols, are covered in order to help you cultivate a mindful way of being. You leave day one fully prepared to utilize the Reiki meditation and self-care practice. This includes: * The 5 elements that make up the System of Reiki

  • Student’s lineage of teachers

  • Shoden attunements 1 and 2

  • The Reiki Precepts

  • Components for the Spiritual Centering Practice

  • Hands-on healing protocols for self-care Day 2 ~ Sunday, May 5th from 10 am to 6 pm You learn hands-on healing protocols for others , as well as

an in-depth discussion on the history of Reiki in order to fully understand its purpose and how this Japanese spiritual healing practice made its way around the world. This includes: * Details of Reiki’s history and timeline of events

  • Mikao Usui’s Memorial Stone Inscription

  • Shoden attunements 3 and 4

  • Utilizing Reiki in your daily activities

  • Hands-on healing protocols for others in a chair

  • Hands-on healing protocols for others on a massage table Class Price - $395 or $750 for both Reiki I and II ~ Register Here ( ) Tuition includes workbook, manual, certificate and 1-hour private Reiki treatment with Jean to be scheduled after each class EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION

Register by March 28th and receive a 90-minute (instead of 60) private Reiki treatment along with a handmade Reiki infused Chakra Healing Jar Candle that includes a booklet and guided meditation download. For more information and to register contact: Jean Bromage @[masked] or



Balance Arts Center
New York

Spiritualité Ésotérisme
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