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Elsie Rooftop
New York
New York

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Run along Crypto Thurdays. The Parcels Network is fully dedicated to educating professionals in the Industry as well as implementing and developing blockchain solutions standards for real estate. Parcels Services can tokenize real estate and assets, distribute tokens, and provide a regulated trading exchange platform dedicated to real estate for liquidity. TOKENIZATION OF ASSETS

Each real estate asset could be divided into tokens, as a tokenized asset it will facilitate: crowdfunding with smart contracts, liquidity of the asset, transparency and security. TITLE AND CONVEYANCE

The blockchain will facilitate digital deed, conveyance and title system in companies and governments with a legal and procedural protocol. PROPERTY DATA AND IDENTIFICATION

The blockchain applications will bring transparent data of the real estate assets and the identification of the properties to build a real estate ecosystem. ACCEPT CRYPTOCURRENCIES FOR PAYMENT

How to accept Cryptocurrencies as a modality of payment for real estate, how to escrow the cryptos and finalize the transaction. The world is changing and a good portion of domestic and international buyers and sellers are holding their wealth in Bitcoin. PARCELS REAL ESTATE DIGITAL ASSETS EXCHANGE

  • Tokenize real estate

  • Distribute your Tokens

  • Buy regulated tokens

  • Built your own portfolio

  • Ai Based Trading More info: We invite all experts and enthusiasts.

  • Location: Elise Rooftop: 1412 Broadway 25th Floor

New York, NY 10018 (b/t 39th St & 40th St Midtown West)

  • Cash Bar

  • Limited Space Only. Please do not click to attend, unless you are planning on attending. Connect With Us:




Elsie Rooftop
New York

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