Holistic Fair

dim. 28 avril à 18:00

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Soulful Awakenings
Lake Como
Lake Como

Holistic Fair...

Psychics, Reiki and Many Vendors...

Sunday, April 28th - Noon - 5:00 pm Come Shop...Come Self Care...Come Receive Messages If you would like a private appointment with one of our practitioners call[masked] - press prompt (1) to book your time...

$30 for 30 minutes or $60 for 60 minutes... Lisa Palandrano - Psychic Tarot and Mediumship Readings Janice Michael Sedona - Tarot Psychic Guidance - Peggy Brennan - Certified Spiritual Evidential Medium & Intuitive Counselor Ceremonialist - Ellie Campolei - She is guided by the spirit keepers of the four directions and her spiritual guides who help er see and feel blocks in the body, heart, mind and spirit. Spirit infused Reiki with Bobbi Torres. Enjoy all the benefits of Reiki with messages from Spirit.. Healing Crystals and Gemstone Shopping

Adrienne will be available to explain the healing benefits of Crystals, to those that are curious!

There will be a beautiful collection of Healing Crystals available for purchase.

30 different Tumbled/Pocket Stones for medicine bags and healing grids

Large size Crystals for Home & Office

Small Clusters and Geodes of Celestite, Amethyst, Citrine and more!

High Vibrational Crystals: Moldavite, Apophyllite and Scolecite

Angels, Pendulums and Palm Stones

Healing Bracelets, Pendants and Healing Necklaces

Shamanic Tools for Clearing: Rattles, Feathers, Incense & Energy Sprays Vera Solowej @flowergardenparty

I have always been creative, thoughtful and loved flowers. Combining all three is where I am today. Creating mini floral art pieces to give, too keep and to collect. Handmade Orgonite Devices by Ken Dawe - Orgone is universal life force energy otherwise known as Ki, Chi, Prana, etc. Orgonite is made up of a resin/metal matrix with an addition of crystals that has the ability to efficiently collect, transmute and emit orgone energy. Orgonite has numerous benefits including decreased sensitivity to electromagnetic frequencies, better sleep/vivid dreams, removes negative energy from specific places, deeper meditations, and increased plant growth, just to name a few. Gems for the Soul by Joyous O'Neill - Handcrafted semi-precious stone all natural jewelry. Created to Elevate. Inspired by the Fresh Ocean Air and the preservation of our natural ressources. Super charged by the moon and ocean water. Laura Mayer is a rootsy herbalist and nurse who is passionate about food as medicine, herbs as allies and connection as guidance. She is dedicated to offering people support and inspiration through holistic healing that nourishes mind, body, soul, and the Earth. Creating nourishing tea nest spaces, magic in the kitchen and connecting with the plants brings Laura continuous hope, inspiration and joy! She creates and sells herbal medicines including lotions, salves, tinctures, elder facial serums, infused vinegar and a few essence formulas that are inspired by Stargaze Li, and combine plants, experiences and the elements. She grows most of the herbs she uses and gets the rest from friend's farms or local folks. She also will be servings delicious teas and frothy beverages.

Source: https://www.meetup.com/fr-FR/ShoreAreaSelfEmpowermentMeetupGroup/events/259702052/

Soulful Awakenings
Lake Como

Spiritualité Ésotérisme
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