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Social Skills x10 The beautiful spring is on its way! Learn how to meet women in every situation and have a great time with them. Many single men are left behind, although they are hoping for so much from this season. Some try their luck on the online platforms, the others force themselves into crowded and noisy clubs. But what if you count yourself among those who do not feel like writing superficial back-and-forth on Tinder and Co? What if you do not want to struggle on the dance floor of some grubby club until the early hours of the morning? This session was created to give you as a man more the feeling of freedom. By freedom I mean that you will realize that you are above all something: good enough to address and meet every woman, no matter where you are.

And you will see first-hand how much fun flirting is. This session is divided up into three elements. 1. Wisdom Do you know how to approach a woman? Do you know what to say to get the conversation moving in the right direction? Do you give a friend to friend vibe? And how well can you read other people's body language?

Unfortunately, there are many men who make the same mistakes over and over again and are unaware of them. It's the little details that make it up, whether a woman is attracted to you or not. Unfortunately, men often do not talk about uncertainty and ambiguity about women.

And a huge potential is lost. Reason enough to address the most important topics in an open round. It is quite possible that you will have one or the other "aha moment".This and many more tips you will get. Know what 98% of men do not have. The focus is on the following topics: Speak to

body language


relaxation techniques 2. FUN

First, we will get in the right mood. Why? Because the inner aspect will be the most important element for your success in women.

You will find that these exercises will be incredibly fun. A feeling of inner lightness and abundance will arise in you. Even your head will feel liberated. Any worries that go through your head will be forgotten.

Great challenges await you, such as the "High Five Challenge",and many more fun challengest". These tasks are designed to take you away from your head thinking and into your body and conscious awareness.

You will feel an incredibly strong sense of joie de vivre and curiosity for something new already after the first task. The best condition for the third part. 3. Extreme Skills

Spontaneity In the last module, everything is done. If you want to build a deep connection between you and the women, then you need something above all else: authenticity.

And how do you achieve this condition? By coming into flow. By this I mean the state in which you flirt with a woman and intensify everything you experience with her, while the environment loses meaning and is therefore hidden.

You will come into contact with attractive and intelligent women. You will find that women will give you compliments for your courage and your authentic way. Because everything you will do in this session is 100% natural. You'll be surprised how many women actually want to be addressed.

With a high probability you will experience much more. Most participants have received mobile phone numbers from women.

You will enthusiastically approach women, share great moments with them, and ask why you have always struggled so hard. These insights will have incredible potential for your personal growth.

This newfound freedom will be incredibly fun after a short time. We will experience things with the group that you have never experienced before. Flirting is really fun and I invite YOU to join in to have a lot of great encounters with attractive women.


The Clubhouse Geneva

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