Focusing with Rob Parker @ 6:30pm (before Zen)

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St. Bartholomew's Church
White Plains
White Plains

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Focusing with Rob Parker @ 6:30pm (before Zen) Rob Parker is a psychologist who has been studying and practicing Focusing for 15 years, most of that time as a student and friend of Eugene Gendlin, the originator of Focusing. Rob has published several articles on Gendlin's Philosophy of the Implicit, and on how Focusing is used in psychotherapy, particularly with psychological trauma. ZEN and Focusing both teach a way of being, the Practice of Presence to what is.

Enlightenment is not something we attain, but something we do that brings us into intimate connection with life itself. Focusing brings to Zen a meditative way of finding, being with, reintegrating and healing wounded and split-off parts of ourselves that most spiritual practices do not address, but bypass!

We are all stuck in certain views, patterns and vulnerabilities that cause us and those around us suffering.

The practice of Focusing allows us to be aware of and listen to the deepest personal aspects of ourselves where the threads of emotion, memory, thought and behavior intertwine. Focusing brings gentle, compassionate, special attention to these tangles and allows for new ways of being to emerge.You may be interested in Focusing for your own personal exploration and development. You may be interested in Focusing to improve your relationship to yourself and your partner.

You may be interested in its synergy with Zen or other spiritual practice. Or you may just be curious. Whatever your reason, you're welcome to join us on Tuesday evenings at 6:30 PM at the church. Please Join Us!

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St. Bartholomew's Church
White Plains

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