Experience Hinamatsuri 雛祭り ~ Girl's Day Festival @ beautiful Hokekyo-ji Temple!

dim. 3 mars à 05:00

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Ichikawa Station

Celebrate the Hinamatsuri (雛祭り) Girl's Day Festival at beautiful and historic Hokekyo-ji temple! OUR TOUR:

Located in Ichikawa, not far from Tokyo, Hokekyo-ji has among finest displays of Ohina dolls in the Kanto area! We'll walk up along the "sando", or sacred road to the temple, past many "wagashi-ya", traditional Japanese-sweets & gift shops, vendors of crackers and other traditional goodies we may visit and perhaps buy. (Great stuff!) @}:^) This wonderful 900-year old temple complex with many buildings is set in a beautiful valley filled with plum, cherry, peach, and other flowering trees. We'll explore the ancient temple grounds, see the amazing Ohina display, then hike up to the wonderful, "Inner" temple, where "Saint" Nichiren once took refuge from his enemies. Other cultural assets we'll visit include the Great Buddha, Benten-do, Hokkedo Hall, Five Story Pagoda, Yotsuashi-mon gate and Soshi-do Hall. We may also stop to enjoy soba and drinks near the temple, and visit the fine bakery cafe up the hill from the main temple. https://www.tripadvisor.com/Attraction_Review-d1314356?m=55593 CULTURE & HISTORY:

Hinamatsuri (雛祭り) festival takes place each year on March 3rd. It is also sometimes called the “Peach Tree Festival” or “Girls’ Day/Girls’ Festival”, a day to pray for the health, happiness, and good luck for

young girls in the family. https://old.izanau.com/article/celebrate-girls-day-hinamatsuri-japan Usually celebrated by setting up a display of exquisite dolls called hinaningyō (雛人形), dressed in beautiful clothes in the style of the Heian Period (平安時代). These displays range in size from one pair of dolls up to a full set that includes seven shelves, 15 dolls, and numerous accessories. While historically, displaying the full set has been preferable, the space and time they take to set up together. Due to the cost (I have seen some parts of a set selling for over $1000) many people will often display only the topmost tier. At Hokekyo-ji, we may see dozens of large and unique displays! @}:^) The festival has roots in the Hina-nagashi (雛流し) doll floating festival dating back to the Heian Period. At the time, straw dolls were put into small boats and left to float down rivers. This is still popular in a few places around the country, but these days, the dolls are collected afterwards and burned at a shrine. SEE: https://www.japanhoppers.com/en/kanto/chibabayarea/kanko/2441/ Nakayama Hokekyo-ji Temple: This temple in Chiba Prefecture belongs to Nichiren sect. Established by the famous monk Nichiren Daishonin, who lived during Kamakura Period [masked]) this temple hosts one of Three Kishimojin Goddesses. Many people who pray for safe childbirth, delivery from illnesses and business prosperity visit here. Inside the temple you can find works by Nichiren such as “Establishing the Correct teaching for the Peace of the Land (Rissho Ankoku Ron)” and “The Object of Devotion for Observing the Mind (Kanjin-no Honzon-sho)”, both designated as National Treasures. SEE: http://www.dentalofficesjapan.net/nakayama-hokekyoji-temple.html#hokekyouji-hinamatsuri • What to bring

Bring a smile, comfortable shoes, snacks & a beverage.

(A small folding umbrella is sometimes useful too!) • Important to know:

Since both JR Sobu Rapid Blue and Sobu Local Yellow trains stop at Ichikawa, it's convenient for us to meet there, then take a local train to Nakayama. (Ichikawa is just 19 minutes east from JR Akihabara!) NOTE: If you prefer to take the Keisei Line please get off at Keisei-Nakayama Station. We'll meet you there at 1:30. (Please let me know in advance IF you'll be arriving at the Keisei Station) If you have questions about our schedule, or meeting place, please ask before March 3rd! If you smoke, please do so away from the group, in an appropriate place. We look forward to seeing you, and hope you will invite your friends to join in this experience of traditional Japanese culture! Thanks! Your organizer, Kerry D @}:^)

Source: https://www.meetup.com/fr-FR/Chiba-Tokyo-ACES/events/258889974/

Ichikawa Station

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