Neuroscience Based Training Created by Dr Joe Dispenza

sam. 30 mars à 12:30

Fuseau horaire : Paris (GMT+01:00)

International Reformed John Knox Center
Le Grand-Saconnex
Le Grand-Saconnex

Private Event: TRANSFORMATION FROM THE INSIDE OUT! “Change Your Mind...Create New Results”© (CYM…CNR) is a groundbreaking training program developed by #Dr. Joe Dispenza. It employs evidence-based concepts and teachings deriving from Neuroscience of change and it teaches how to break old habits that no longer serve and bring about true, lasting change – from the inside out. It teaches how to create new memories of your future. It’s a game changer! CYM…CNR program conveys crystal clear understanding about the role our thoughts, habits, beliefs & emotions play in our relationship with ourselves and others. It helps people embrace rather than retract from change. Through a rigorous selection and certification process, Dr. Dispenza has personally certified 52 consultants around the world. This training will be facilitated by #Alexander Senchenko - a Motivational Speaker, Coach and certified Consultant based in Geneva. His work reflects his passion for exploring how people can use the latest scientific advances and selected practices to expand their potential. Here is a flavor of what you will learn: - Neuroscience based processes, models and tools for change

  • Role your personality plays in creation of your personal reality

  • How the BRAIN works and why this is import for change

  • How the MIND - BODY connection works

  • How to break emotional patterns

  • Learn what HABITS are and how to change them and create new ones

  • Learn the difference between Living in Survival and Creation modes

  • What STRESS really is, how it influences your perception of reality and how to transform it

  • How to meditate, to mentally rehearse a new state of being and to create memories of your future

  • How to access and express your full, creative POTENTIAL

  • How the BRAIN works, why this is import for change and how to access your success sweet spot

  • Understand your brainwave patterns and and how to use your brainwaves for change and best performance

  • Create your personal 30 days to Genius plan Each course participant will have access to the state of the art HRV (Heart Rate Variability) measurement device that will asses: - state of the cardiovascular and vegetative nervous systems

  • body’s neurohumoral regulation and energy resources

  • current psychoemotional state

  • organism’s adaptation level, level of harmonization of biological rhythms and biological age. The measurements will be made BEFORE and AFTER the course, so the results can be visibly compared. Optionally participants can take further measurements to track the progress of their practice. Bring your biggest challenges and habits, discover how to change your thinking, and ultimately change your personality, which will shift your personal reality. Your INVESTMENT includes: - 2-days training - #Change Your Mind ... Create New Results workbook designed by Dr Joe Dispenza that contains all key concepts, tools and exercises

  • Change Your Mind .... Create New Results 30 days to Genius Journal to guide your practice after the training

  • Audio copies of all videos of Dr Joe Dispenza shown throughout the training

  • Audio download copies of four meditations shared at the training for your personal use. Please note these meditations are not available for purchase at any other event.

  • 2 Individual HRV measurements

  • 1 hour group follow session

  • hot beverages, refreshments and snakcs throughout the course Students and retirees will have 20% off. If you buy more than 1 ticket your first ticket will have 20% off. Lunches are not included. There is a restaurant on the premises with lunch options starting at SFr. 18.00. SCHEDULE :

Saturday March 30: 12.30pm – 7.30pm

Sunday March 31: 9.30am – 6.30pm


International Reformed John Knox Center
Le Grand-Saconnex

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