Special Visit to Korean Buddhist Temple and Learn Chan Meditation

sam. 9 mars à 20:30

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Korea Buddhism Jo-Gei Temple
New York
New York

Hello everyone, Don't miss this opportunity to learn Chan Meditation. Chan Meditation is the most advanced form of meditation from Mahayana buddhism. This is not yet widely available in New York area.

Visit http://www.chanpureland.org/new-york Saturday, March 9, 2:30pm – 4pm

Korea Buddhism Jo-Gei Temple of America, Inc.

42 West 96th street, New York, NY 10025

(For this event, you don’t have to bring any item) All those workshops are free. You may arrive 15~30 minutes early and you can bring your friends and family members to attend together. I am excited to be able to offer Chan meditation workshop at Jo-Gei temple in New York. Although I practice under Master YongHua who came from a different tradition, my heart is always in Korea. I was born and raised in Korea and I feel that Korean Buddhism essence is deeply embedded inside of me. I am grateful that Do-Am sunim is open minded to let me organize this workshop at his temple. *** What is Chan meditation?

Chan meditation is the most advanced form of Mahayana Buddhist meditation. Passed down directly from the Buddha through his lineage of Patriarchs to the present, the power of Chan Meditation has been taught to seekers of enlightenment in Asia for thousands of years.


Master YongHua presents these ancient skills to the West in an accessible, easy to follow format so we call it "American Chan". From the basic stretches to the all-encompassing foundations of Buddhism, Chan Master YongHua and his disciples will reveal the extraordinary method of Chan Meditation, which can benefit all people, regardless of their religious affiliation. Instructor: Shana Han

Shana Han is the founder and CEO of Hansderma, Inc. She has successfully established her business on her own after moving to the US alone. She is now a meditation instructor national wide. For the past years, Shana has dedicated her time to practice Chan and Mahayana Buddhism. Because she got so much out of this practice, she decided to share this wonderful experience with others. With her teacher’s help, Dharma Master YongHua, she started to teach Chan Meditation. What we will do;

• Greeting and stretching

• Sitting posture, meditation techniques

• Silent meditation (15~20 mins)

Source: https://www.meetup.com/fr-FR/NYChan/events/258824535/

Korea Buddhism Jo-Gei Temple
New York

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