FrenchBooster Programme | Experience what's behind the scenes!

mar. 5 mars à 19:15

Exki Chaussée d'Antin
Paris 9


This workshop is a free easygoing and participative introduction to our FrenchBooster Programme. It's open to any expatriates in Paris who would like to meet Fabienne, our lead teacher, experience the underlying pedagogy and ask any specific questions about the programme or general questions about how to get fluent and feel more confident in French. ~~~~~~ ⚠️ PREREQUISITE

To make the most of this workshop, you should already have some good basics of French (A2/B1/B2). If you have a doubt about it, feel free to get in touch with us! ~~~~~~ 🙋 WHAT IS THE FRENCHBOOSTER PROGRAMME FOR?

We've been listening to the Parisians being socializing at work with their colleagues or boss, with friends and relatives, with people they casually or occasionally meet at school, in cafés or when they go for shopping. We learnt a lot about the way they actually talk, the ice-breakers they use in these different contexts to kick off and sustain conversations, the topics they like to address and the usual words, idioms and sentences that they use to make friends or to achieve their activities in the everyday life. We bundled and transformed all this data and observations into a progressive and highly participative French learning programme to help expatriates in Paris who already have some good basics in French (A2-B1-B2) to break through the language barrier with useful French language and social skills that empower them in their daily professional and social activities. That's the FrenchBooster Programme. It's a 10 x 3h mini-group & 2x 1,5h private 1-on-1 French classes spread over just 10 weeks with unlimited individual online access to the class contents, exercices, quizzes and additional pragmatic and useful ressources. ~~~~~~ 🚀 MORE FLUENCY AND CONFIDENCE IN FRENCH IN JUST 10 WEEKS... WHAT'S THE MAGIC?

The magic is our modern, stimulating and pragmatic blended learning pedagogy, deployed by passionate French teachers with awesome teaching skills and personality. That's what you'll be able to experience at this introductory workshop! ~~~~~~ ❓WHERE CAN I HAVE MORE DETAILED INFORMATION ABOUT THE PROGRAMME, PRIOR TO THE WORKSHOP?

For more details & reviews from our alumni 👉 ~~~~~~ 🙀 I AM INTERESTED TO MEET YOU BUT I CAN'T MAKE IT THAT DAY!

👉 Drop me a message with your name and phone number. We'll talk and meet! We also plan this workshop on a monthly basis! ~~~~~~ We are eager to welcome you there !

The Novexpat Team.


Exki Chaussée d'Antin
Paris 9

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