Breakthrough Nutrition: How To Use Food To Optimize Your Health

dim. 24 février à 01:00

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ConBody Bootcamp Studio
New York
New York

Learn simple nutritional tips and methods to unleash your body's greatest potential! Do you want to improve your health but don’t know where to start? Have you jumped from diet to diet while making little to no progress? Are you tired of constantly feeling sick and run-down? Join Nutritional Therapy Practitioner Erik Levi, in this 2-hour workshop where you will learn the foundations of nutrition. By attending Breakthrough Nutrition you will learn how to use food and supplementation to:

  • Resolve Digestion Issues

  • Balance Blood Sugar

  • Strengthen Immunity

  • Fight Chronic Autoimmune Disease

  • 10x Workout Results

  • Cultivate More Energy

  • Slow Aging

  • Improve Metabolism and Burn More Fat

  • Properly Detoxify Harmful Chemicals

  • Improve Mental Health and Clarity

  • Curb Food Cravings

  • Save Money By Never Doing Another Crash Diet

  • Improve Skin Quality

  • Discover Your Body’s Ideal Diet

  • Discover The Most Powerful Foods You Need In Your Kitchen

+++ ALOT MORE! Most nutritionists in New York City charge over $300 for 1 hour to give you this kind of information. Get a jump start on your health with this powerful workshop and discover the body you’ve always dreamed of! Space is limited so be sure to reserve your spot today! Feel free to contact [masked] with any questions. Erik Levi is a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, helping New Yorkers optimize their health with nutrition counseling. After years of struggling with his own chronic health issues and failing on multiple diets Erik took his health into his own hands and has been helping others do the same. As a nutritional therapy practitioner, Erik is able to personalize specific nutritional protocols based on what each individual client needs. He uses extensive interviews, body work, and mineral balance testing to dig into what each person needs and then uses those results to craft specific nutritional protocols. Erik works with people in person and virtually. Grab your tickets at:


ConBody Bootcamp Studio
New York

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