Cinematography and Achieving the Director's Vision

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Common Ground Bar
New York
New York

Director of Photography Ray Preziosi speaks with Jason Godbey of the No Rest for the Weekend Podcast for a discussion about best practices for cinematographers when it comes to Achieving the Director's Vision. · The importance of "Block-Light-Shoot"

· The DP as resource manager

· Why have a camera operator?

· Working with different types of directors

· The importance of Preproduction

· Communicating with the Director and Crew

· Working with the Production Designer

· Who decides the shot, the Director or the DP? Tuesday, February 26th

Common Ground Bar • 63 Gansevoort

Doors @ 6:00 pm

Happy Hour specials until 7:00 pm

Seminar @ 7:00 pm

Networking for Media Production Professionals @ 8:00 pm Hosted by: Gabi Faye, Eva Mariscal, Adonis Tsilimparis, Jason Godbey & Darren E. Johnson Pricing:

$-Pay what you like (Limited-Online-Eventbrite)

$10 - General Admission (Online-Eventbrite)

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Common Ground Bar
New York

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