Karuta Tournament in Washington D.C.!

sam. 2 mars à 16:00

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Bethesda Elementary School
Chevy Chase

Hi everyone, As some of you may have heard, Inishie Karuta Club in Washington D.C. is hosting a Karuta Competition! The event is happening all day Sunday, March 3rd from 9am to 7pm with various events for players of all levels, including those who have not memorized all 100 poems! Please read through the following information carefully if you think you might be interested in this great opportunity to meet fellow players, compete, and sightsee! Travel & Schedule:

It is approximately 4 hours driving to DC from NY. My car fits 4 people comfortably, 5 people max.

If more than 4 people would like to join me and we don't have a second car, we could also consider taking the train together, which would take 5-6 hours with most of the traveling on a single train that leaves Penn Station. The plan is to leave NY Saturday morning and return Sunday. On Saturday, we will have some time to explore the area as a team!

Sunday is tournament day. Players who have not memorized all 100 poems have the option of leaving after 1pm on Sunday. All other players will leave together at 7pm. Lodging:

Free lodging is available at Inishie Club president Stone-sensei's house. Please bring a sleeping bag, towel, toiletries, and pillow. Costs:

The tournament and lodging are free to traveling players!

If we drive we will share the price of gas.

If we take the train each player is responsible for purchasing their own tickets.

Meals are not provided. If you are interested in participating, please DM Henry with either your level (D,E,F) or the number of cards you have memorized. Please message by the RSVP time listed at the top of the page. I will provide supplementary information at that time. Please confirm your attendance by clicking "Going" AFTER I have approved your participation. I hope many people will come along on our first ever Karuta NYC road trip! Henry

Source: https://www.meetup.com/fr-FR/KarutaNYC/events/258744798/

Bethesda Elementary School

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