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Starbucks Coffee Joinus Terrace Futamatagawa

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Songwriting Connect Group is the perfect place to release your creative juice whether your a writer, a musician, or an aspiring songwriter. Songwriting is literally all about writing songs. Like any craft, it needs to be practiced, applied, and sharpened. And this Connect Group does that. We get together and talk about song ideas, talk about different methods, share resources, and even do songwriting hands-on. Members will benefit from:

Learning the process of songwriting

Learning to make their own songs

Getting feedback with their work

Working together with different aspiring songwriters

Building great relationship with other creative people There are no requirements for this group, anyone is welcome whether you’ve had any musical background or not. Even if you just want to observe, please feel free to come and join us. We want to encourage you to use the God-given gift that you have and grow it. Bring the following:

Pen & paper

Laptop Psalms 33:3

'Compose new melodies that release new praises to the Lord. Play his praises on instruments with the anointing and skill he gives you. Sing and shout with passion; make a spectacular sound of joy—'


Starbucks Coffee Joinus Terrace Futamatagawa

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